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21 Nov

5 Reasons to Stay with us when in Moshi !

There are so many reasons to why you choose a certain hotel when travelling to a place, especially for the first time.

We surely know some key reasons that many people take into consideration are Safety, Features, Accessibility, Affordability.

Looking at these factors each one can affect decision making when selecting a hotel to book for your stay.


Safety is the key to any good stay and a holiday trip. You can’t make decision of visiting/staying in a place that’s not safe. Our hotel offers high level of security 24/7 so that when staying with us you don’t need to worry about anything.


Does this hotel offer any views ? Like mountain, lake, city or garden view. Our hotel offers an amazing view of Mount Kilimanjaro and garden view from your room and a nice view of garden from our restaurant.


How far is the hotel from city center ? Many people tend to book a stay away from the city to get a quite environment and proper relaxation. Our hotel is located just 3.9km from Moshi city center and can be easily reached by Taxi or Tuk-tuk in a very affordable price.


All features and factors can be met and still a place becomes very expensive in terms of price for a night, a week or a month. At Kilimanjaro Scenic Lodge we offers friendly rates that fits all your needs that daily prices, weekly and monthly rates. With consideration of your budget we offer a room for negotiation and agreement on which price will be best for you.

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